It has been two years since Crystalon defeated the mad warlord Maceyis. Much has changed in that time. Crystalon has become his adopted worlds hidden mystic guardian, protecting the Earth from those who would threaten it with evil, sorcerous intent.

Until a visitor from his past, one he never expected to see again would appear within his very home. Now he and his companions must travel between worlds to his home dimension, a universe where he is hated and feared, to face a threat that dwarfs any challenge he has ever faced before. The challenge of an enemy who wears his very face. The challenge of 'My Enemy, Myself'   Available at

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Redemption of the Sorcerer

My Enemy, Myself

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The Crystalon Saga is the story of a mighty sorcerer named Crystalon from an alternate dimension and universe. The first book in the series, 'Redemption of the Sorcerer' chronicles his adventure upon arriving powerless and alone upon a world of no magic, that looks surprisingly like the world outside your front door. He is immediately thrust iunto a dangerous game against an unknown adversary who is seeking domination over mankind through mystiocal means. Now the once mighty sorcerer must find a way to regain his powers and save his new world, or watch it be destroyed about him! Redemption of the Sorcerer is a magical thrill ride. Available at, and

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